What is On-Page SEO and how does it increase website traffic? Top 10 On-Page

Hello, friends! Welcome to ApkMasala. Today I will tell you what is On-Page SEO and how to increase website traffic? We had told in our previous post that you would have liked that post, how to create Free Blog and Website. So let's know what is On-Page SEO and how to increase website traffic

You must know about SEO. SEO means search engine optimization but there are two types of SEO on On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. But On-Page SEO is very important to rank your post on Google's first page because many websites and blogs are created every day, many articles are published every day on Google but not all articles are ranked in Google's first page Some articles are ranked in the first page because its article is SEO Friendly; SEO Friendly can write our article to write article.

To bring good traffic to your website, it is very important to do On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO is what you do in your website post such as Page Title, Internal Link, Meta Tags, Meta Description, Permalink, Image, and Keywords, etc. Read the full article to know what is on-page and how to do on-page SEO in the post of your website, so let's know what is on-page SEO
What is On-Page SEO? - What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO This is a part of an SEO on-page SEO, that is, what we do in our posts is called On-Page SEO to rank the post. If you like On-Page SEO, then your post is easily Google's first page will rank
If we say in easy language, what we use to rank our website or blog in Google's first page is called SEO and the SEO trick we use to rank our post in the first page is On-Page SEO is called
On-Page SEO includes many things apart from Page Title, Internal Link, Meta Tags, Meta Description, Permalink, Image, and Content.
On-page SEO is also called on-site SEO because on-site SEO comes to the optimization of all the website's pages and in On-page SEO to rank the content of a single blog post for a particular target keyword. let's optimize
If you want to become an SEO master, you should come on Page SEO and Off-Page SEO With the help of On-Page SEO, you can easily rank your post in Google's Frist page and increase the traffic of your website.
Why is it necessary to do On-Page SEO?
Why is it necessary to do On-Page SEO? Let's understand this as an example, why do we study? To get a good job in life, we should do the same On-Page SEO so that we can get your post on the first page in Google's search and Increase your website traffic
Search Engine is nothing else but an algorithm that searches your post in different factors and ranks your article on some keyword. Instead, we do full analytics of our posts like how many people read our article, how much is the Bounce Rate, backlink, domain authority, social media share / like, follows, and Off-Page SEO
Most people have basic knowledge of SEO in which they know so much that doing on-page SEO i.e. just placing keywords in the page is also not wrong that keywords are very important for On-Page Optimization but its Apart from this, other things are of importance such as Page Title, Internal Link, Meta Tags, Meta Description, Permalink, Image, soon you will know about it.

Top 10 On-Page SEO Tips to rank blog in search engine

1. Post Title

The title of your post is very important. For On-Page SEO, the title of your post should give information about that post, on which topic that post is and this will lead to more clicks on your post and your post will be ranked soon. Title is Keyword in away.

2. Heading And Sub-heading

Heading to highlight what you give to your article Main Heading is the same which is in H1 Format and the rest of H2, H3, ... H6 is Sub-heading. You are Sub from H2 to H6 only. Use of -heading will be considered more Sub-heading negative SEO and your post will be lost.

3. Permalink (URL)

Permalink (URL) is very important for SEO, which is very important for optimizing the search engine of the article, here you can add some words of your post and you can also add some keyword. When you open the post, then you have some word show with Blogger Address which matches the title, for example, the best URL will be https://www.hindiuser.com/on-page-seo and compare it now you From the URL https://www.hindiuser.com/on-page-seo-123456. Now you must have understood that which URL will be the best for your post

4. Images Alt Tag

The search engine uses the Alt Tag to read the image. The search engine will have to tell that the image you have used is related to whom, for this, you have to put the name of the image in the alt tag. want to target for keyword, use image in it

For SEO Friendly Blog Post, it is very important to use the image and you must use Alt Tag in that image.

5. Meta Description

Meta Description is a small description that gives information about your post and it shows under the title and link of your post in the search result, it tells the user why they should read your content and these 160 words I would love to write

6. Internal Links

Adding a link to another post in your post is called Internal Link. We understand internal links as an example as you write about what is On-Page SEO, what is SEO in the meantime, how to write SEO Friendly Blog Post You can give a link to that post, which will increase the quality of your post and traffic will come on your other post.

7. External Linking

External Linking, that is, adding a link from another site to your post, we think of External Linking as an example, as if you are writing a post about Google, then you should add Google's link to that post with your The search ranking of the site will increase and copyright will never come from your site.

8. Post Content

Content is also very important. For On-Page SEO, the longer and better your content, the more ranking it will get, if your content is not good then the user will not read it and will run, which will also increase your bounce rate.

Your post should be 1000-2000 words and should also be useful. You must have seen that the post on Google search which shows on the first page will be very long and useful as well. As an example, Wikipedia you may have seen that the content of Wikipedia is very Will be long and useful

9. Keywords

Keywords are the most important part of On-Page SEO. You cannot rank a post without keywords. The best research has to be done and you will also have to select from it. Using 10-15 Keyword in your post is very important for SEO that's good

You can also use Keyword Tools for Keyword, I have given the name and link of some Useful Keyword.
10. Page Load Speed

Page Load Speed ​​is very important because if your site takes more loading then the user will leave it in the middle and your bounce rate will also increase so that Google will not search your site quickly, your site should take 2 to 4-second loading. If it is more then the user will leave it, so fasten your blog speed.

I hope I have given you complete information about what On-Page SEO is and I hope you have understood about On-Page SEO.

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Know On-Page SEO

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