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How to write SEO Friendly Blog Post or how to make Blogger Post SEO Friendly, you will get complete information in this article, then you can read this article completely, which you can write SEO Friendly Post.
How to write Completely SEO Friendly Post for Blog

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. With the help of SEO, you can bring a lot of traffic to your website, you can bring your post to the first page in Google Search. Along with all this, you should have more information while writing the post, only then you can write SEO Friendly Post

1. Blog Title
The title of the post is the most important thing for SEO. You should write the title of the post according to your topic and your title should be the keyword of your article.
If the title of your post is good then 40% of your SEO is complete.

2. Content of Post
People who like to write a post as Paragraph would love to read some of your Paragraph Important laws and write the post in at least 1000 words or more because of the longer your post, the stronger the SEO will be.

3. Heading and SubHeading
It is very important to use Heading and Subheading in the post. The title of your post is H1 Heading. Keeping that in mind do not use other H1 Heading but you can use SubHeading H2, H3, H4, H5... Using Heading and Subheading is an SEO

4. Blog Description
When you do a search engine search on the post, then you are shown some words under the title of the post, that is the meta description of the blog. These descriptions should be 100-150 words. it happens

5. Use Image in Post
All Blogger uses image in their blog post because, with the help of image, traffic comes in the website but keep in mind that the image should not be copyrighted and post the image after editing and renaming it.Copyright-free images

6. Internal Link
Adding a link to another post in a post is considered an SEO, such as how you write about SEO Friendly B
log Post, between them, what is SEO, you can give a link to that post, which will increase the quality of your post and your Traffic will come on another post

7. Permalink (URL)
Permalink (URL) is very important for SEO, which is very important for optimizing the search engine of the article, here you can add some words of your post and you can also add some keyword. If you open the post, then you have some word show with Blogger Address which meets the title.

8. Keyword
Most Blogger do not know how much is Keyword and what it is used for the post, they do not know that Post SEO is not Friendly without Keyword, only on the basis of Keyword, Post SEO Friendly can become 10-15 Keyword. Have to use it in your post as it is very good for SEO

9. Use Image Alt Tag
The search engine uses the Alt Tag to read the image, the search engine must tell that you have used the image to which the image is related, for which you have to enter the name of the image in the Alt tag.
For SEO Friendly Blog Post, it is very important to use images and use Alt Tag.

10. Social Media Sharing
After writing almost all Blogger posts, Social Media shares it to bring traffic. It is called off-page SEO. If you want to bring traffic to your post, then it is on Social Media like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Gmail Share Use social media is also important for SEO

My last point in this article

Friends, I hope that you will have got the information about how to write SEO Friendly Blog Post before you share the article before any other blogger gets to know how to write SEO Friendly Blog Post.
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