15 Tricks to Approval a Google AdSense Account

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you a trick that will follow, then you can approve the Google Adsense account, more new bloggers can create their own blog and write posts on it and apply it to Google Adsense. Let's do it, but due to some errors in your blog, Google Adsense does not get approval and because we do not receive approval, we are very disappointed and some bloggers stop blogging, so I thought why you, C. What is the Blogger of the highest level? use your blog by choosing Approve Google Adsense account to post a complete reading to learn the trick

Earning money from your blog is the dream of all bloggers and AdSense is the best way to earn money from the blog, but it is not so easy to approve the Adsense account and request Google AdSense for the first time when creating the website of your blog. It is very difficult for them because they do not know the Google AdSense policy and create their blog and write some publications and request Google AdSense directly and do not obtain approval and do not obtain approval because of this they feel very frustrated and I left the blogs and now I don't get approval from Google AdSense for the first time, I also requested Google AdSense 8 times and 8 times they rejected me, but when I read Gmail sent by Google AdSense and I read and understood the Google AdSense policy and after correcting the error in my blog, When I applied for Google AdSense again, I got the approval, so let's know
 the Google AdSense Account Approval T on ricks
It is very important for bloggers to have a Google AdSense account because we get money from AdSense and because of the money we do not feel lethargic and do our job well, but when we do Blogging for the first time and Google AdSense we request and if we do not receive approval, then We are disappointed and leave the blogs, but due to some error in your blog, you do not get approval now when you request Google Adsense for the second time. Sensex before the email sent by Google AdSense and make a mistake about it or tell Pdhke well to apply any error to Google AdSense again or was to improve your Blog

1. Use the custom domain

If you are using the custom domain for your blog, if you are using the Blogger Free Blogger domain, you can get AdSense approval only after 6-8 months, if you request AdSense.
If you want AdSense approval soon, then use the custom domain because soon you will get approval in the custom domain, you will get the custom domain like .com, .in, .co ... until ₹ 149-200. You can buy on a website like Name Godaddy, Bigrock and on these websites you will get a good domain name at a very low price.
But don't use domains such as .tk, .ga, .ml that you are getting for free because you won't get AdSense approval on that free domain.
2. Blog Design

The design of your blog should be simple, professional and user friendly and the navigation bar of the blog should be simple and so that the user can find the things he needs.
If you use Free Theme / Template, then you get some AC extra link, remove it.
Remember this while designing a blog
Do not add more widgets and images
Set the menu properly so that the page you want to use can go to that page
Navigation Bar should be simple
Clicking any button should not result in 404 error.
Blog should have fast loading speed
3. Write Original And High Quality Content

 If you have used custom domain in your blog and the design of your blog is also good but there is no original and high quality content in your blog then you cannot get Approval of AdSense because
Content is the King This means that content is king, that is, what you have written in your post. Original content means that what you have written is not written by you yourself and high quality content means that what you have written is new and unique and different from other blogs.
More new blogger thinks that we will make a new post by copying little content from other blogs and putting it in our post and no one will know but you remember that Google is not so stupid because every post index in Google Happens and knows what is written in each post, he will immediately catch you and suspend your blog.
You have to write a useful and informative post and if possible, you should write the article 1000-1500 words so that your post will be ranked in Google soon.
You will have a question
Q: We can take idea from another blog for our post
Ans: Yes, you can take Idea from another blog for your post, but you cannot copy its article or write the same to the same.
4. Write how many posts

There is no answer to this, but many Blogger say and I also believe that there should be 15-20 posts in your blog because even when 12 posts were 1000-1200 words in my blog, I also do not approve from AdSense. Was found but when 18 posts in my blog were 1000-1200 words, then I got Approval immediately, now you will have a question

Q: How many words we wrote

If you write 300-500 word posts, then you have to write at least 25 to 30 posts.
If you write 600-900 word posts, then you have to write at least 20 posts.
If you write 1000-1500 word posts, then you have to write at least 15 posts.
If you want Approval from AdSense soon, then you have to write more and more posts of more words
5. Insert Important Pages

Your blog should have pages like About us, Contact us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy There are some blogs in which despite not having all these pages, they have got Approval of AdSense, so this is their luck. If you put all these pages in your blog, then your blog will look professional and Google will feel that you are working according to Google's policy, your question will be that
Blog Page Related FAQs
What to write in the page about Q: About?
Ans: In this, you have to write more about your blog.
Q: What to write in Privacy Policy?
Ans: It is necessary to be in every website, in this you have to write that which are the things that the user should not do in your blog, such as the user does not copy from any post in your blog and put it in his blog, someone makes such a comment You can block someone who breaks the rules of your privacy policy or delete his comment, through your website no user can promote any website without your permission etc.
Q: What to write in the disclaimer?
Ans: In the disclaimer page, you have to tell that which information are you sharing to people through your blog?
Q: What to write in Contact Us?
Ans: It is very important to have this page in your blog, if a user wants to contact you and seek help from you, then he can contact you through this page.
If you do not have to create all these pages by writing on your own, then you will find many such websites on the internet that will make all these pages for your blog.
6. Do not create blog on such Topics‌

You do not have to create a blog on any topic which is in legal such as
Movie Download
hack software
Do not hack any app and create duplicate App download website like that.
There are many Topic which is In legal, if I start telling you in this post, then the post will be very long, so you can find out by searching in Google.

7. Do not use copyright image

There should not be a copyright image in any post on your blog. Copyright Image means that you use the image of another website in your post, do not put the image that you download from Google in your post, because the image in Google Is that Google shows the image of a website
Remember that by downloading any image from Google and modifying the image and applying it in your blog, you can get copyright even if you have to use the image of a website in your post, then you take permission from the owner of that website. You can use it in your blog and you have to give credit to it along with using it.
If you have created an image yourself, then you can use it
I use the image of websites like pixabay.com, pexels.com, in the post of my blog because there is no fear of getting copyright in it.
Your blog should not have copyrighted image, especially after downloading any photo from Google Image, do not use it in your blog. .

8. Google Supported Language

Google AdSense does not support all languages. You have to blog on the same language that Google AdSense supports. In India, you have many languages ​​like English, Hindi, urdu in which Google AdSense gets approval.

9. Other Ads Networks

If you use any other Ad Network Ads in your blog, then before you apply for AdSense, remove the Ads of that Ad Network because AdSense does not support some Ad networks, such as popup ads, Bidvertiser ads such AdSense is not supported by many ads
AdSense supports some ad networks, but when you apply for AdSense, then you should remove all the ads from the rest of the ad network and apply for AdSense and if you are after AdSense Approve, you will get money from AdSense with more ad networks. If you want to earn, then you use the same ad network which supports AdSense.

10. Free Web Hosting

Many New Blogger use Free Web Hosting to create their blog on WordPress and make their own blog on it but let me tell you that Google does not support Free Hosting and therefore you cannot get Approval of AdSense from my It is of opinion that you do not use free web hosting
You should buy good web hosting to make a blog on WordPress.

11. Your Domain Age

It has been told in the Guideline of Google AdSense that your blog should be 6 months old only then your blog will get Approval of AdSense
But this is not true
I had made AdSense Approval in my second blog in just 1 month but my blog had high quality content and my blog had 18 posts which was 1000-1500 words so I got Approval soon and
I saw many such blogger whose AdSense Approval was done in just 15 days but their content is high quality, that's why
In my opinion, you have to write 15-20 posts in 1 month in your blog, with high quality content and make a good backlink, you have to apply for AdSense, what address you might get AdSense Account Approval

12. Blog's Traffic

Traffic on Blog does not matter for AdSense, but traffic of 100-120 used to come on my blog, yet one day my blog got AdSense Approve, but even if 50 visits of the day come on your blog, you can still use AdSense can apply
13. Don't Buy Visitors
Many bloggers buy visitors to bring traffic to their blog, AdSense likes Real Visitor only, which comes from Google Search and Social Media, now you must be thinking that buying visitors means that you pay money to someone Bringing Visitor to your blog, but the visitor who comes with money goes immediately to your blog and this will increase your Bounce Rate and it is not good for your blog.
There is no need to purchase Visitor, even if 50 Visitor of the day comes on your blog, you can still apply for AdSense.
14. Do not use too much image
You do not use much image in your blog and even if you have an image website, you should not use too much image until you get the AdSense approval, because Google cannot read the image, Google can read only the text. Therefore, till you do not get AdSense approval, you have to use more text in your post and you can use 1-2 image and when you get approval after that you can use more image in your post. If image is blog then
15. Add Real Information to Adsense Account
Whenever you fill AdSense frome to apply AdSense, you have to enter your real information
And remember that you already have an AdSense account, then you cannot apply for another AdSense account, you have to submit your blog in your old AdSense account and take Approval.
Remember this before applying Adsense Account
Before applying for AdSense, you have to understand the terms and conditions of AdSense completely.
After creating your blog, apply for AdSense after one month.
Your blog should have 15-20 posts that are 1000-1200 words and with more words, the post should be useful or informative.
Your blog design should be user-friendly
Your blog should have About, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Contact Us Page
You can apply for AdSense even if there are 50 visitors to your blog, do not buy Visitor.
After applying for many Blogger AdSense, you do not have to stop writing posts, you have to write a post every day.

Google AdSense being Disapproved
If you have not put Google AdSense code in your blog or in the right place then
If you already have an AdSense account and you apply for another AdSense account then you will not get Approval
You are bringing traffic through wrong ways on your blog.
If the content of your blog is legal
When you teach hacking or hacking a software
Your blog's design is not user friendly then
Bounce Rate is higher on your blog then
When you use black hat seo technique
Broken links of your blog is more so too

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